2019 Bytom Global Tour Boston



Digitalization is changing our economy of today, and the “economic” is no longer just the rule of changing the value. It is the vision for the future economy. While the infrastructure is daily growing alone the ecosystem raising, external forces are still waiting for the stimulate.

We believe as the ecosystem grows, the developer, regulators, talents, and diversified resources will be driving forces supporting the growth. Therefore, a place gathering these great people together around to talk, network with business and engineering talents, to push forward the conversation around technical, legal & regulatory opportunities of the current status, delighting the future.

Welcome to the event to learn blockchain technology or anything about the future trend of the industry. Bytom Global Tour is a series of events organized by Bytom for global blockchain enthusiasts, including online Meetups, Volunteer conferences and Blockchain Technology Summits, which is dedicated to promoting knowledge and innovation in the global blockchain industry.


18:30-19:00: Check In

19:00-19:05: Open Remark

19:05-19:25: Keynote

19:25-19:45: Keynote

19:45-20:00: Keynote

20:00-21:00: Panel Discussion

21:00-22:00: Networking

Speakers (confirmed)

Xinxing Duan, the founder of the BYTOM

a researcher of Fintech industry, the scholarship winner of The Gates Foundation, and was the senior engineer of The Lucent Bell Laboratories. He used to work as the vice president and the chief researcher of OKCoin, which is the largest digital assets exchange platform in China. He is the author of the significant book ‘BLOCKCHAIN: RESHAPE THE ECONOMY AND THE WORLD’ (published by China CITIC in 2016). In MAY 2017, he joined the 8BTC.COM and became as the Executive President, fully response for the R&D of Blockchain products and the brand development.

Jason Qiao, Chief Ecosystem Officer/CECO, PlatON

Former Executive Director of J.P.Morgan Asset Management.

Head of Portfolio Construction and Quant Strategy for Specialized Strategy Team of Private Bank in NYC, sitting as member of the Investment Committee. With 12+ years of experience in JPMorgan, he had extensive experience in asset management, private wealth management, and Investment. His recent focuses cover innovative investment product design, especially with big data, AI, and Blockchain. Jason also hold the Master Degree from University of UChicago with Major in Financial Mathematics

Anil Kumar, Founder and CEO of Bytomswap

Bytomswap Is a Multi Asset Reserve system, an asset exchange protocol and an asset exchange marketplace. Bytomswap proposes a reserve system to migrate existing currencies, tokens, commodities and assets in real world onto Bytom blockchain and provide a marketplace for people to easily list their assets for exchange and trade with each other. We built an implementation with a small set of virtual currencies. The same approach can be used to migrate precious metals like Gold and Silver, commodities like Coffee & Oil and other paper currencies of the world on to blockchain. We offer a simple universal way to digitize real world assets onto one blockchain ledger.

David Segura, Chief Operating Officer, Carbon

David is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Carbon, a New York based price stable cryptocurrency project that aims to make the global economy more inclusive and efficient.

Mike Chen, CEO of Block72

Investing and advisory experience at GBIC, 2 years management consulting experience at Ernst & Young, NY Office

Host:Bytom Blockchain

Bytom Blockchain Protocol(referred as Bytom) is an interactive protocol of multiple byte assets. Heterogereous byte-assets (indigenous digital currency,digital assets) that operate in bonds,intelligence information,forecasting information and so forth that exist in th physical world) can be registered,exchanged,gambled and engaged in other more complicated and contract-based interoperations via Bytom.The protocol connects the atomic world and the byte world,promoting the interaction and circulation of assets between the two world.

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